Acta Veterinaria

Aims and scope



Benkő, Mária

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Institute for Veterinary Medical Research,

Centre for Agricultural Research, Hungarian Academy of Sciences
Address of the Institute: Hungária krt. 21, H–1143, Budapest, Hungary
Mailing address: P.O. Box 18, H-1581 Budapest, Hungary


Székely, András

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Dénes, Béla
Eszterbauer, Edit
Fébel, Hedvig
Fodor, László
Harrach, Balázs
Komaromy, Andras (USA)
Massányi, Peter (Slovak Republic)
Nagy, Béla
Németh, Tibor
Neogrády, Zsuzsanna
Pfister, Kurt (Germany)
Solti, László
Szabó, József
Vajdovich, Péter
Varga, János
Vilček, Štefan (Slovak Republic)
Vörös, Károly
Weissenböck, Herbert (Austria)
Zsarnovszky, Attila


Aims and scope:

Acta Veterinaria Hungarica publishes original research papers presenting new scientific results of international interest, and to a limited extent also review articles and clinical case reports, on veterinary physiology (physiological chemistry and metabolism), veterinary microbiology (bacteriology, virology, immunology, molecular biology), on the infectious diseases of domestic animals, on veterinary parasitology, pathology, clinical veterinary science, and reproduction.

Founded 1951
Papers in English
Publishes book reviews and advertisements
Size: 17 × 25 cm
HU ISSN 0236–6290