Studying Mycoplasma hyorhinis infection of pigs and development of vaccine candidates

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2022 - 2027

Mycoplasma hyorhinis is a neglected but emerging infectious agent of pigs causing polyserositis, arthritis and pneumonia in modern pig genetic lines globally. 

M. hyorhinis has come into the focus of scientists in the past decade with continuously growing number of research activities and publications in this field. The aims of the project are to identify the protein and genetic profiles of the strains, and to select targets for ELISA development. To invent culture media for diagnostic and vaccine production purposes and to study the propagation capacity of isolates. To establish a challenge model, to study the pathogenesis and the humoral and cell-mediated immunity against M. hyorhinis infection. To develop adjuvanted, inactivated and as a novel concept live, attenuated vaccine candidates. The results will be delivered in several publications in highly ranked international journals and in patents. We are convinced that the developed vaccine candidates will serve as appropriate long-term control solutions against the disease caused by M. hyorhinis. They will not only protect the pig farms from economic losses but by replacing the antibiotic-based control strategy will help us to fight against antimicrobial resistance and save human life as well.