NKFI K 134263

Pathogenenicity and genetic variability of fish-parasitic water mould species (Oomycota: Saprolegniales), and the possibilities of biological control

Project ID
NKFI K 134263
Project leader
2020 - 2024

Fungal and fungal-like diseases cause severe ecological and economic disruptions and are recognised as a global threat to biodiversity and food security. Amongst oomycetes (Oomycota), pathogen Saprolegnia spp. cause remarkable losses in fish farms every year, by damaging both fish eggs and adult fish. We intend to perform a comprehensive research project to gain a global picture about the nature and environmental preference of pathogen Saprolegnia species in fish hatcheries. Since the European Union increasingly restricts the use of medication and water treatment agents in food-producing fish farming, biological control measures have high priority. In cooperation with experts in fish pathology, bacteriology and metabolomics, we intend to identify and characterize bacteria, which effectively reduce the damage caused by Saprolegnia spp., to reach our main goal, the development of an efficient biocontrol strategy against saprolegniosis.