Examination of certain respiratory bacterial pathogens of poultry

Project ID
OTKA K 108632
Project leader
2014 - 2017

Respiratory tract infections are one of the most important veterinary medical issues of the poultry industry. Bacterial pathogens are known to frequently be involved in respiratory diseases. Our studies focus three of these pathogens (Bordetella aviumOrnithobacterium rhinotracheale, and Riemerella anatipestifer) by collecting a representative number of isolates of the three organisms and examine the biological properties of these bacteria. The development and spread of antimicrobial resistance play a crucial role in the spread of these organisms worldwide. High variability of the bacteria and adaptation to environmental changes are important factors, too. Isolates are characterised by pheno- and genotyping. Assessing the most prevalent serotypes in Hungary is useful for epidemiologic studies and provides the basic knowledge for effective preventative and therapeutic choices. Our studies present up-to-date data on the antimicrobial susceptibility of Hungarian isolates necessary for the adequate and prudent application of antibiotic therapy.

Further collaborators
Gyuris, Éva, DVM (NÉBIH, ÁDI, Budapest, Hungary)
Jánosi, Szilárd, PhD (NÉBIH, ÁDI, Budapest, Hungary)
Thuma, Ákos, PhD (NÉBIH, ÁDI, Budapest, Hungary)
Nemes, Csaba, PhD (NÉBIH, Kaposvár, Hungary)
Szalay, Dénes Csaba (OMEGA-VET-LAB , Szombathely, Hungary)
Glávits, Róbert (Autopsy KKT, Budapest, Hungary)