AQUAFUTURE: Complex break points in the development of competitiveness of the aquaculture sector

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2014 - 2017

The aim of the AquaFuture consortium is to perform market-oriented research and development activities, and to develop innovative, cost-optimized products, technologies and methods for the further development of the sector. Enterprises, which deal with pond fish breeding and intensive fish production, represents the Hungarian aquaculture sector from the production side; while companies dealing with market access from fish processing plant ensure the contribution. Within the consortium, research institutes support the professional work of companies with science-based solutions. The project contains From Farm to Table elements of conception. The main tasks of the project were generated by the demands of entrepreneurs, of which competitiveness are set back by national aquaculture technologies and production. A furthermore solution of these problems would step forward a serious market progress for the industry as a whole. The consortium has identified the elements, which need to be improved for the notable development of the aquaculture industry. According to original plans, the project is based on the cooperation of 8 partners. Research and development [R&D] tasks related to feeding, fish processing, hatchery propagation and fish health issues are to be performed, besides the development of new fish products.