Martina Gyöngy

Gyöngy Martina

Martina Gyöngy

Post, title
PhD student
Fields of interest
digenetic fluke metacercariae, parasitology, molecular biology
2017 – Biologist, Bachelor of Science, University of Debrecen
2019 – Hydrobiologist, Master of Science, University of Debrecen

    Sándor, D., Gyöngy, M., Nyeste, K., Czeglédi, I., Székely, C., Buchmann, K., & Cech, G. (2020). Digenean Holostephanus (Trematoda: Digenea: Cyathocotylidae) metacercariae in common carp (Cyprinus carpio Linnaeus, 1758) muscle: zoonotic potential and sensitivity to physico-chemical treatments. Journal of Helminthology, 94.

    Dévai, G., Gyöngy, M., Berta, C., Bogár, F., Bogár, I., Varga, G., Zoltán, L., Szabó, L. J., Somlyai, I., Nagy, S. A., & Grigorszky, I. (2021). Long-term analysis of River Tisza water level data with regard to the ecological water demand of floodplain water bodies. Landscape &Amp; Environment, 15(1), 16–32.

    Nyeste K., Gyöngy M., Antal L. (2018). Spreading of the round goby, Neogobius melanostomus (Pallas, 1814) in the water system of Tisza River. Pisces Hungarici 12 (2018) 53-56.


    Birdlife Hungary (2018)

    Hungarian Society of Natural Sciences (2018)

    Hungarian Ichthyological Society (2017)


    Scientific awards, grants:

    Hydrobiologist Forum in Debrecen, Hungarian Chirodon Foundation, UD Faculty of Science and Technology, Department of Hydrobiology MSc Hidrobiológiai Tanszék MSc Thesis I. place (2019)

    XXIII. Spring Wind Conference Science of Biology I. section III. place (2020)

    XLV. Research Institute for Fisheries and Aquaculture Scientific Conference MA-HAL prize (2021)