RNS vakcina

Investigation of the applicability of self-replicating RNA vaccines in Hungarian aquaculture

Project ID
OTKA K 142937
Project leader
2022 - 2025

Aquaculture is the most dynamically developing agricultural sector in the world. Fish are being farmed in increasing quantities under intensive and semi-intensive conditions. Viral diseases cause enormous economic damage to these fish stocks worldwide. The most important fish species in Hungary and in Central Europe is common carp, and their specific viruses, koi herpesvirus (KHV) and spring viremia (SVCV) cause severe losses in carp farming. Besides, due to the increasing economic relevance of wels catfish in European aquaculture, the catfish ranavirus (ECV) causing mass mortality in young catfish urge the need of protective measure.

In the present project, we intend to focus of another aspect of new generation vaccine development. As the authorization of DNA vaccines faces obstacles in the EU, this time we would like to construct and study self-amplifying RNA vaccines against the most relevant viral fish diseases (KHV, SVCV, ECV) in Central Europe. Previous findings have shown that very small amounts of replicon vaccine induce proper protection against viral diseases, thereby it is a promising method for cheap mass vaccination. We also intend to optimize the delivery of RNA vaccines, with focus on hyperosmotic bath that may increase the vaccine-effectiveness, as proven for other vaccines.

Further collaborators
Dr. Péter Bársony, University of Debrecen